Blue Bag Recycling and eRecycling

Blue Bag Recycling

Dustin Stinson
806 Burke Ave.

Jonesboro, AR 72401


Electronics Recycling (eRecycling)

Felix Bruner

2725 North Church Jonesboro, AR 72401
(870) 277-0830

The mission of Abilities Unlimited is “To improve the living and working conditions of people with severe disabilities.” Abilities Unlimited provides many services to its consumers to accomplish this mission, including providing work opportunities. The Recycling Operations allow our consumers to earn money, gain confidence and pride, and offer many training tools to assist in obtaining jobs on their own.

Abilities Unlimited’s Recycling Center processes te Blue Bag Recyclables for Craighead County. Ablities Unlimited also handles the collection of the Blue Bags in the City of Jonesboro. Anyone is welcome to bring recyclables to the recycling center at 806 Burke Ave regardless of where they live. Business may also bring recycables to the center and in some case if quanity is large may request a pick-up.

Abilities Unlimiteds Electronics recycling operation is a charter member of the CyclePoint recycling network. CyclePoint is one of the largest recycling networks in the United States. Abilities Unlimited is a R2RIOS certified recycler. Abilities Unlimited is also a Microsoft Register Refurbisher.

Our Services:

  • Recycling
    Abilities Unlimited recycles aluminum, tin, all plastic containers, cardboard, newspapers, and other paper products. When placing recyclables in a blue bag we ask you seperate the containers from the paper products. Cardboard maybe place beside the blue bag and if at all possible be brokendown.

  • eRecycling
    Most electronics will be processed at no cost. Electronics containing data will be secured until the data is no longer present. Abilities Unlimited will provide documentation of destruction for a fee. While there is value in many electronics, that is not the case of older TV;s and monitors that contain a CRT. Currently businesses will be charged a fee to accept CRT devices.